Embroidered Lawn – Janaan 7B


Brand: Zara Shahjahan
Embroidered Lawn
Collection: Coco Lawn Collection 2024

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Combine heritage style with modern flair Coco Lawn Collection 2024 has an exquisite piece designed to stand out. Crafted of luxurious organza and intricate Parsi embroidery, this beautiful ensemble makes a statement without apology! Perfect for every fashionista who dares to shine! This stunning ensemble is a symphony of luxurious organza and delicate Parsi embroidery, meticulously crafted for the modern woman who commands attention. 

Why Choose Janaan 7B?

  • Elevate Elegance: Add elegance to any room with the striped organza dupatta – an innovative new technique in weaving that promises to attract attention and win hearts.
  • Borderline Fabulous: The intricate organza dupatta borders add an exquisite detail that perfectly frames your charm with every movement.
  • Chic Canvas: Our embroidered lawn front panel is a work of art, featuring designs as intricate as the stories behind them – guaranteeing that your presence at any gathering is nothing short of astounding.
  • Regal Revelry: With its intricate embroidery back design, this garment ensures your exits are as captivating as your entrances!
  • Symmetry of Style: Twin panels of breathtaking embroidery on both fronts create a sense of balance and beauty, as does wearing sleeves adorned with intricate embroidery that speaks volumes about luxury and finesse.
  • Hem of High Fashion: The Janaan 7B by Zara Shahjahan features an organza shirt border reminiscent of runway fashion, providing you with runway-worthy style.
  • Parsi Poetry: Inspired by timeless Parsi gara designs, its embroidery-bordered organza trouser borders convey centuries-old stories with vibrant stitches singing melodious tunes of splendour.
  • Comfort in Couture: A dyed Cambric trouser offers the pinnacle of both comfort and high fashion for an elegant fit that exudes both fashion and comfort.

What’s in the Box?

  1. Striped Organza Dupatta
  2. Embroidered Organza Dupatta Border
  3. Embroidered Organza Dupatta Border
  4. Embroidered Lawn Front Panel
  5. Embroidered Lawn Back
  6. Embroidered Lawn Front Right Panel
  7. Embroidered Lawn Front Left Panel
  8. Embroidered Lawn Sleeves
  9. Embroidered Organza Shirt Border
  10. Embroidered Organza Trouser Border
  11. Dyed Cambric Trouser

Embroidered Lawn - JANAAN-7B Embroidered Lawn - JANAAN-7B Embroidered Lawn - JANAAN-7BEmbroidered Lawn - JANAAN-7B

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    Beautifully designed and made my Party Suit…. and very good value.

    February 6, 2024
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    I received my order today, I love the fabric and stitching and I received it on timely manner. I will place another order in coming days, thank you for keeping up.

    December 12, 2023
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