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Vol IX by Areesha

Amour Bonheur Collection by Reign is a classical addition in the traditional yet innovative outfits. 

Get Vol IX by Areesha in UK, USA, Europe & Australia

It’s time to perk up your style statement and emerge as one of the finest wearers in terms of being a fashionista. This luxury wedding bundle of outfits can make your day A BIG DAY. 

The embroidery, color pallets, extra embellishments, and, most importantly, the designs instantly take you into a dreamy world. 

This heart-touching collection comprises eight outclass pieces. So, it’s time to introduce the outfits in our words. 

  • Lilac Mustard: Young girls always love mustard color as the embellishments shine very beautifully on it. 
  • Pry Maroon:  The front and helm of the shirt and dupatta are impressively embellished. A perfect piece for your upcoming special event.
  • Grassy Orange: The combination of orange and grass color is, undoubtedly, a bold statement. 
  • Silvery Blue: It’s an ocean blue, light, chic color with awesome embroidery and embellishments. 
  • Ferozi Azure: The brand created Ferozi Azure to bring some cool western wear with a moderate traditional touch.
  • Bridal View: We would like to say (regarding this dress) Areesha stitched dreams into reality. Breathtaking Pakistani wedding wear
  • Rose Pink: One of our valued customers said, “It’s, indisputably, the most stylish attire among the 8.
  • Masoori Grace: This heavily embellished chiffon attire looks extremely chic with an intricately embroidered dupatta. 

The Vol-XI by Areesha has a quintessential charming aura that easily goes with fashion lovers’ personified fashion taste. The collection is full of grace and elegance. Finally, it would be fair to say that the whole collection exhibits antique art with an oomph of modern grace.

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