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Vasl Collection by Asim Jofa All Hit Codes

Vasl Collection by Asim Jofa: All Hit Codes

Asim Jofa Vasl Collection containing 10 dreamy ensembles Encapsulates the essence of sheer beauty and alluring outlook.

Winter is upon us in full swing, and we’re exploring hot but super stylish dresses. This amazing release by Asim Jofa is all about your classy looks. Each dress-piece is comfy and the perfect choice for being comfortable as well as being stylish and trendier.

10 Stunning Outfits in Vasl Collection

The eye-catchy bundle comprises 10 amazing clothes. All are different yet unique, comfiest yet stylish. See below the details of all dresses;

  1. Embellished Cotton Net – AJVL01
  2. Embellished Tulle – AJVL02
  3. Embellished Raw Silk – AJVL03
  4. Amber Gold Cotton Net – AJVL04
  5. Embellished Cotton Net AJVL05
  6. Mint Green Organza – AJVL06
  7. Embellished Peach Net – AJVL07
  8. Fuchsia Raw Silk – AJVL08
  9. Embellished Black Organza – AJVL09
  10. Light Sea Blue Raw Silk – AJVL10

With its delicate embroideries, elegant cuts, Asim Jofa’s this latest collection will be a traditional look everyone will love to opt for. At last, Asim Jofa’s this innovation is exactly what we need right now. 

Exquisite designs by Asim Jofa

The brand introduced all eclectic mix of designs. Enthralling Lehenga Choli, Breathtaking frock, and some refreshing ensembles are included in this latest release.

Amazing Colors of Vasl Collection by Asim Jofa

One of the top reasons why Vasl collection 2020-21 has become one of the ladies’ top choices is its alluring colors. Amber Gold, Mint Green, Light Sea are a few of 10 captivating colors. The right choice for your upcoming special day. 

Awesome Fabric Used by Asim Jofa

Some are delicate, and some are powerful yet perfect clothes. Raw silk and cotton net are dominant, but others like organza and tulle contributed as well. 

Closing Thoughts:

Ladies, if you want to express your vibrant personality with your clothes, Asim Jofa UK is the place to go. And the Vasl Collection will be sure to keep you looking gorgeous and stylish.

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