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Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition 2021 by Gulaal

Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition 2021 by Gulaal

Gulaal, a well-known Pakistani clothing brand, always attempts to introduce matchless classic creations. Once again, the brand released a flawless Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition 2021.

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Unquestionably, Gulaal did its best!

It’s fair to say that Gulaal has once again made its fans swoon with its latest collection for wedding attendees. Infused in dreamy hues, the collection encapsulates traces of festive tradition and pays homage to today’s women.

 We believe you will look nothing less than gorgeous if you pose candidly along with your friends/family.

Premium quality, sheer creativity, striking embroidery, and eye-pleasing designs. Yes, all of this amazing stuff you will find in this collection alone. 

8 Stunning Dresses in Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition

In this luxurious release, Gulaal crafted 8 timeless masterpieces, exuding sheer elegance. The brand used embroidered net for its all awe-inspiring wedding outfits. 

Additionally, the Gulaal included 2 perfect lehengas (lehenga choli & lehenga Kurti) in this formal wedding edition. 

Gulaal gave these classic yet vibrant wedding dresses the names of Mehrunnisa, Ghazal, Mahnoosh, Kehkshan, Qudsia, Sahiba, Salima, and Zeenat respectively. It seems the names of Mughal era’s queens or princes. 

Outstanding Colors in Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition by Gulaal

Girls always need to make sure they have dressed the perfect colour. On the other hand, you can find every top-notch colour in this amazing edition. 

White and Off white, light and dark pink, clicking sear green and maroon are enough to define the colour palette of this Unstitched Luxury Formals Wedding Edition by Gulaal.

Embroidery in Luxury Formals Wedding Edition by Gulaal

There are two lehengas in this collection as we talked earlier. Both lehengas transport you to a dreamy place. And the embroidery of these long dresses is truly exceptional. Work of embroidery and sequins make these outfits exquisite. 

Final Thoughts:

If any of your relatives are getting on to a new phase of her life. These adorable wedding dresses are perfect for you to wear on her/his big day.

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