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Shop Online Sobia Nazir in UK, USA & Canada

Sobia Nazir in UK, USA, and other countries is an emerging Pakistani clothing brand that is a beautiful addition to most coveted designer wear.

One of the Top Pakistani Designer Clothes UK

Pakistani Wedding Dresses are what every girl or woman wants to wear, and if not for casual wear, at least on special occasions. This unique clothing brand, in this regard, will surely help you figure that out. The brand’s designers have effectively featured their unique lawn, chiffon, silk suits, and winter lines contain brilliant cuts and fabulous prints. Nikkah Dresses

Sobia Nazir UK, France & Germany

Sobia Nazir Latest Collection

You can shop online Sobia Nazir latest collection (admittedly does seem luxurious) at Shadi Dress anytime. Mehndi Dresses

Let’s have a look at the brands of each fabric. Lehenga Choli

Sobia Nazir Summer Lawn and Luxury Lawn

Exceptionally vibrant and aesthetic digital prints along with eye-pleasing color pallets are what this brand is an expert for. The latest summer and luxury lawn collection is introduced lovely shades of multiple colors, and the designs will truly, conquer your heart. Sharara Dresses

Each dress is as pretty as you will be confused, and think about which dress I embrace and which one I should drop? The collection’s distinguished digital prints magnify the outfits’ beauty, and it’s fair to say that it is all about trendy prints and creating a classic look. Indian Maxi Dresses

If you aim to stand out of the crowd in summer, Ladies, go for the Sobia Nazir lawn collection. They have an ultimate range of outfits with hundreds of creative prints and superb designs. Pakistani Velvet Dresses

Sobia Nazir Chiffon Dresses

The brand introduces intricate embroideries and fancy embellishment on a soft and delicate fabric when it comes to chiffon suits. In the UK, Pakistani ladies love that, unlike others, the outfits by this brand come with all the necessary embellishments in it! So no need to look around thoughtlessly. Khaadi

Its long frocks made of chiffon are the perfect option for any special event. One of our customers says I wear Sobia Nazir latest chiffon collection in the UK, as I look super sultry while wearing it. The most valuable thing in Soboia Nazir’s chiffon suits is that their embroidery always has a sophisticated and impressive look. Asim Jofa

Women say the brand’s chiffon clothes are up to mark in quality and standard and exquisitely tailored to grab the passerby’s eye. Zainab Chottani

Sobia Nazir Bridal Collection

You will observe a great touch of traditional to western wear in Sobia Nazir bridal collections. Here are some of the salient features of the brands’ bridal clothes;

  1. Extravagant lehengas 
  2. Heavily embroidered
  3. Gorgeous deep hues Fantastic colors
  4. Flawless designs 

Extravagant Lehenga

We are known as the master of Pakistani bridal dresses stitching, and this brand is a specialist in lehenga designs. Baroque

Heavily embroidered

Embroidery is something that takes the outfit to new heights of beauty and charm. You will get intricately hand-embellished bridal wear by this brand. Gul Ahmed

Gorgeous deep hues Fantastic colors

Sobia Nazir possesses gorgeous deep hues and fantastic colors like pastel pink long bridal dress, sea green lehenga Kurti, ocean blue sharara dresses. Moreover, there are other eye-catchy colors and hues with distinct shades of their own, becoming more popular within the fashion realm. Maria b

Flawless designs 

Can you believe all of the dresses are a perfect bundle? Get in touch for more details if you need some style inspiration on your wedding day.

Undeniably, these qualities give you regal vibes. We want to say that these bridal dresses will make you feel like a princess on your big day.

The brand releases several collections throughout the year under the labels vital collection, nur collection, and summer/winter bundles. Sana Safinaz

Vital Collection 

You will get quality, innovation, remarkable designs, playful patterns, and attractive embroideries in Sobia Nazir Vital collection. Comprising 

20+ chic dresses, this collection captured the hearts of young Pakistani ladies in UK, USA, Canada, and other countries across the world. 

Nur Collection

This collection is all about luxurious outfits for special events like eid wedding or parties. Gold, beige, pale purple, and sparks green are the dominant colors used in this astonishing recent release. Nur collection displays a unique selection of hues, splendid embroideries, and premium fabrics to put together the exhibition.

If there is an event you’re waiting for and didn’t buy the perfect costume, then this collection is for you. 

Sobia Nazir Sale

We frequently offer a grand sale on all Pakistani brands dresses in UK and USA, and on this brand too.

Sobia Nazir UK

If you’re looking for Sobia Nazir in UK, then here we’re. At Shadi Dress, all Pakistani designer clothes are available with reasonable price tags. We have covered all cities of the United Kingdom including London, Bradford, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Wherever you’re our online largest store is there. 

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