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Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl Collection: It’s All You Need

Master of prints and specialist in colour-choosing, the brand has once become the centre of attention with its super Sana Safinaz winter shawl 20 collection.

Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 20 Collection is all That you Need This Winter!

In this cold season, you are going to experience something memorable. The brand has launched one of the most awaited articles because of fantastic shawl dresses.

Each time winter calls for specific sartorial changes, and we force ourselves to replace the hot season’s lightweight styles with warm, comfortable, and thick yet trendy and statement-making clothes. We love to wear a shawl in wool in the cold season to reduce winter intensity and opt for different styles.

Whether you like dark winter tones or vibrant hues, this collection is for you. The brand offers 16 unique and breathtaking articles in this release; each dress has its own charm, beauty, and style.

Sana Safinaz Winter Collection 2020-21 with Price: Products Details

In the latest 2020-21 the series of 16 alluring dresses start from the SKU S201-001A-CP and ends on S201-008B-CP. But in this little journey, you will come across one another eye-pleasing suits.

Sana Safinaz winter collection 2021 chose Slub Dyed And Embroidered Shirt Front with Slub Printed Shirt Back and Slub Dyed Sleeves for the dresses’ tops. And the shirts [qameez] are beautifully paired with wool shawls and Dyed Cotton Tensile Pants. This outstanding combination can only be done by this brand.

Fabric Used in Sana Safinaz Shawls & Outfits

The brand chose organza for this release. Why? The simple answer is, the brand could explain more clearly. However, we think organza is more suitable with a wool shawl as compare to velvet. However, if you are looking for Pakistani velvet dresses UK, then you’ve come to the right place as well. We have hundreds of Pakistani designer clothes made of velvet.

Available in Unstitched and Ready to Wear Condition

We, at Shadi Dress, always care about your wardrobe. We bring all the brands’ clothes in both Unstitched and Ready to wear conditions. So that you would feel comfortable while shopping online. Shop any dress today, in whatever condition you want.

Are You Ready to Shop Online?

As always, set your trend by wearing Sana Safinaz Winter Shawl 20 Collection this winter. Book your favourite piece now, elevate your wardrobe instantly.

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