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Safeera luxury Chiffon Vol 7 by Flossie

Keeping in mind the latest fashion trends, Flossie’s new collection Safeera luxury Chiffon Vol 7 is a pure portrait of sophistication and exceptional craftsmanship. 

As luxurious as the name is, Flossie’s this latest collection has got a variety of shirts and gowns. There are 10+ fantastic pieces in this perfect amalgamation. All dresses are different, unique, and elegant.

 The pieces exude sheer elegance and sophistication. Flossie‘s this collection is a translation of passion and love as the dresses have been curated with a lot of care and a lot of attention. And the result is, AWESOME. 

Safeera luxury Chiffon Vol 7 by Flossie

Let’s have a closer look at the detailing of the top outfits in this collection. These are a few of all the remarkable designs. 

  • Silver Sand Stone: The color is one of the most demanded color-pallets, and the embroidery is eye-catchy as well. 
  • Roullie S708: Flosse created magic with its fine craft by introducing this amazing sea green sharara.
  • White Zircon: The combination of the lightest version of purple and intricate embroidery made this code a super hit code. 
  • Grey Pearl S705: Grey Pearl has two versions, gown and shirt, and you know lovely girls, both are inspirational. 
  • Deep Sapphire Blue: The magical patterns on the trouser and the embellishment done on this piece is also considerable. 
  • Gold Line S712: If you like flared trousers, then you must consider this beautiful sharara dress

 The brand put vibrant hues, celestial cuts, and magnificent embroidery in every outfit in this collection in a nutshell. 

By introducing this collection, Flossie proved, once again, its unique existence by featuring the latest cuts & tailoring to make Pakistani fashion statements more accessible.

Flossie at Shadi Dress:

You can shop Flossie’s all latest collections at Shadi Dress in UK at a very reasonable price. Our stitching quality is unparalleled, and we stitch 100% the same as shown in the picture. 

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