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Sadqay Tumharay Collection by Asim Jofa

This time we’re presenting a lavish, unique, and something different, yes it’s Sadqay Tumharay Eid collection 2022-23 by Asim Jofa. The pieces glow gracefully, quintessential for someone who wants to stand out. It is a sensory experience, a treat for our eyes. The focus of this collection is glamour and sophistication.

Why Choose Sadqay Tumharay Collection in USA, Canada, Germany, France & Ireland by Asim Jofa

Sparkling attire and special designs are enough to bewitch anyone who lays their eyes on these clothes. Every dress comes with a promise to make you shine and give you the look of your dreams. The Sadqay Tumharay Collection contains carming embroidery using sequins, gold and silver zari, meticulous thread work, heavenly pearls, ravishing beads, impressive motifs, beauteous marori and splendid golden dabka. Magnificent embellishments that never go out of style, are the center point of this superb collection by Asim Jofa. From neutral to bold to classic colors this collection has it all.

Sadqay Tumharay Collection 2022

Top Three Outfits of Sadqay Tumharay Collection

So, our experts chose the top three articles from the collection, the rest are all stunning as well. Let’s have a look at the most amazing outfits in this collection.


A beguiling beige peshwas mixed with a heavily embroidered bodice. The hem is adorned with charming zari on olive green fabric complementing the glittering olive green dupatta. Jal of gold work can be seen on skirts and dupatta making them attractive and chic. The label prides itself on giving you a fresh and distinct look.


A fun deep purple maxi gown decorated with light copper ornament looks sublime. Flowy chiffon material shirt and dupatta paired with a purple dyed cotton silk trouser. This monochrome look is what elegance is all about.  All the elements blend together to form this petillant purple ensemble. Excellent cinched silhouette serving princess vibes while the captivating embroidered bodice is the cherry on top. 


Evoke your unique style with this deluxe number. Modest pink and lilac thread work gives the innocent look and spectacular silver zari wreathed on blueish grey organza is a sight to behold.  Sheer chiffon sleeves with a colorful design. Muted lilac dupatta with exquisite black sequins adornment. A color combination so trendy and marvelous seems too good to be true.



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