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Exclusive Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa

The time to be in awe has come because we are here to announce the launch of one of the most awaited Exclusive Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa in UK, USA, Canada, France & Germany for our worthy clients. It is a bundle of exhilaration and happiness.

Why Choose Exclusive Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa

This collection is entitled ‘Rasm’ which means traditions and customs. In Asian, uniquely Eastern culture, rasms are honored and followed to a great extent, so we did the same by naming our opulent collection on it. All the articles of this assemblage symbolize absolute grace, decency and class. You can style these sumptuous outfits on traditional occasions, cultural events such as the rasm-e-henna of a pal, and holy happenings like the nikah ceremony, and engagement of a family friend. If you are a newlywed and are invited to a grand family gathering, then attires from this Dreamy collection by Asim Jofa are doubtlessly fashioned for you.

Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa

Color Selection of this An Ethereal Collection

Shadi Dress connoisseurs have chosen the most brilliant, beaming, and chic hues for this classical collection. The selected colors synchronize well with the occasions on which they have to be attired. We have included deep maroon, gold lilac, mint green, light blue, sage green, ivory, black, marigold yellow, zen blue, salmon pink and many others to impart a sense of glory and grandeur.

Fabric used in this amalgamation of awesome articles by Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa’s passionate specialists put their utmost efforts into crafting the best articles for you in Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa and for this purpose we always take care of quality and fashion demands. For this extraordinary conglomeration of the brand, we have employed premium organza fabric as a basic textile material. The use of this fabric in the most appealing shades makes a perfect balance between splendor and marvelousness. Along with organza, we have also rendered cotton silk for the manufacturing of pants and this makes an ideal combination.  

Decorations and details of Rasm Collection 2022 in UK, USA, Canada, France & Germany

To adorn all the elements of this outclass collection, our experts have utilized the intensive embroidery, gold and sitara work, prettification of dori with the hint of sequins, embroidered motifs, embellishment of tilla, fancy laces and patches with an immense dexterity and skillfulness. The dupattas are also specially decorated to enhance the beauty and elegance of the attires.

So, I want to celebrate ‘rasms’ and elevate your fashion sense with traditionally decorated apparel, then select any brilliant article from this excellent collection.

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