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Pakistani Bridal Dresses

There is no denying the fact that Pakistani Bridal Dresses are most famous around the globe.

Why Choose Pakistani Bridal Dresses in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany & Netherlands

There are more than one reasons

Brides-to-be are constantly searching for new trends and designs for their wedding functions in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany & Netherlands. Making sure they have the perfect dresses for all their occasions, they want to look fashionable and elegant on their big day. Pakistani brides search for different colors and styles to create the perfect outfit for their D-day. They start prepping months before the big event just so everything is perfect and there are no mishaps because it’s a humongous task to select the right colors, designs, and the perfect fit.

Pakistani bridal dresses in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany & Netherlands are one-of-a-kind not only in Pakistan but all over the world; Great artistry, traditional artisanship infused with modern designing, a beautiful blend of bright and bold colors and most importantly, combining all of these to make the perfect bridal outfit is what the Pakistani designers are always after.

Pakistani Bridal Dress Designs

Nowadays, there are a lot of styles for Indian or Pakistani bridal wear. Apart from the evergreen, traditional lehenga, brides are opting for

  • Maxi Dress
  • Bridal Sharara / Gharara
  • Lehenga Gown
  • Angarkha Combination
  • Bridal Frock
  • Lehenga Pishwas

and many more…

No matter what the style, one thing is for certain. No one can beat Pakistani bridal designers to create something magical and enchanting for the brides.

Bridal outfits are mostly made out of light, sheer fabrics that are not too heavy to carry and also look charming and elegant with whatever designs you choose to style with them. Fabrics like chiffon, net, organza, silk, jacquard, banarasi dress, and many others, like these, are the most common fabrics used in Pakistani bridal wear in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands & Spain. You have a wide styling window for these fabrics. They can be donned in any way you want. On the plus side, these fabrics are strong and allow room for a lot of embellishments and stonework so that you can get your dresses designed the way you want to.

Indian Bridal Clothes

The two neighboring countries have the same culture, the same clothes are worn in both countries. Almost same mehndi dresses, same barat, Walima dresses & Nikkah Dresses.  People in Pakistan and India wear the same wedding dresses. Such as Sarees, traditional lehengas, sharara / gharara, pishwasAnarkali dresses. All these dresses are equally popular in both countries.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses for Walima

Walima [Wedding Feast] is the second day of the marriage ceremony traditionally celebrated in eastern culture, dominantly in Pakistan and India. Yet another joyful event where the loved ones are welcomed on a wedding supper after Nikah (marking the agreement of marriage) of the young lady and man of the hour.

We [always] bring the latest designs in Walima dress for brides. That is why eastern brides, living all over the world, showers countless positive feedback at Shadi Dress. Here you will find thousands of Pakistani Bridal outfits for Walima day.

Bridal Wear for Barat

Everyone waits for the Barat event after the Walima. In many families, Walima is celebrated after Barat. However, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is, how you’re looking at this unforgettable event.

Needless to say, it is a very exciting occasion in the whole wedding ceremony. That said, everyone notices who is wearing what. We care about your clothes here too, just go to our Barat dresses section. Numerous Pakistani bridal dresses for Barat are waiting for you, very attractive looking colors, new designs, beautiful styles, all these designer bridal wear are very popular on Barat day.

Pakistani Bridal Wear in Red Color

You may be wondering why we specifically highlighted this color. But you must agree with the importance of red color in Pakistani marriage culture, this color has been spreading in Pakistani weddings for centuries.

Pakistani girls give the same importance to this color despite the passage of time, which has remained the same from the first day. However, today girls like the different shades of red color, plus the combination of other colors with red is also used enthusiastically. But despite all this, the color red in Paki Weddings still retains its significance.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses UK & USA

According to the latest reports, Pakistanis are the eighth most common non-British nationality in the UK. It’s a huge number. The interesting thing is, these people don’t forget their traditions no matter where they are. That is why Pakistani bridal outfits in UK & USA are their first choice on their wedding day. We, at Shadi Dress, have been presenting Paki wedding outfits in UK for the last 10 years. Ladies love all the outfits including Pakistani Eid Dresses UK which is evident in their reviews/feedback.

Why Choose Shadi Dress for Pakistani Bridal Dresses

At Shadi Dress, you will meet the world’s top stitchers & Pakistani wedding dresses specialists who have over 30 years of experience in the field of thread and needle. Our team knows very well which dress will suit you the most. Which color will enhance your beauty and which type of embroidery will boost the quality of the fabric.

They will take your size’s complete measurements and will consult regarding your favorite dress at length. Not only this, after confirming the dress’s details/definitions we will be constantly in contact with you till the dress has been ready.

We usually take 4-7 weeks to take it into final shape but we can stitch it according to your given time-frame [extra charges will be applied]. We ship worldwide, that is why we have happy clients all around the world. One more important thing, you will find many cheap Paki bridal outfits than other websites. And the last good news is, we usually give a special discount to our first comers.

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