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Noor Festive Embroidered 20 by Saadia Asad

Noor Festive Embroidered 20 by Saadia Asad

Saadia Asad’s collections give us some real fashion goals, always. Ladies, once again, it’s time to update your wardrobe with the classier Noor Festive Embroidered 20 collection by Saadia Asad.

Shop Noor Festive Embroidered 20 collection in UK, Europe, USA & Australia

We’re on the eve of 2020, and many Pakistani clothing designers are releasing their awe-inspiring collections of velvet and organza for wedding wear. And one of these top Pakistani fashion designers, Saadia Asad, has once again become the talk of the town because of its latest collection of 2020-21.

Saadia Asad needs no introduction, the brand is undoubtedly one of the most loved and followed by young Pakistani ladies in UK, USA, Europe, and Australia. The whole collection looks extremely chic, rather breathtaking. This collection requires the attention of those who are exploring something amazing and unique for their coming festival.

What’s in the Noor Festive Embroidered 20 collection?

Saadia Asad showcased eight long luxurious dresses in this Noor Festive Embroidered 20 collection. You will notice pure sophistication and a perfect tinge of grace in all of these dreamy ensembles.

Here is the complete list of this slaying collection you should check out;

  • D1-Irini = It has delicate embroidery on Pistachio green organza and velvet three-piece suit. This sleeveless outfit can definitely make your day.
  • D2- Relia = Striking sapphire blue lehenga with a luxurious look.
  • D3-Sorina = The only but attention-grabber gharara dress in Auburn Orange color that looks really beautiful.
  • D4- Lerae = Black is making a perfect combination with pink in this hand-embellished embroidered velvet costume.
  • D5-Crina = Embroidered chiffon Powder-Peach is a perfect blend of subtle & vivid hues.
  • D6-Viviana = Traditional yet classical Ombre-Bottle-Green dress with a fantastic outlook.
  • D7-Omorfia = Mulberry pink Embroidered jamawar Embroidered velvet yoke featuring elegant cuts.
  • D8- Ivora = This Periwinkle-Purple embroidered velvet outfit is a perfect choice to shop for any formal event.

The Collection is all about charms

Saadia Asad presented a unique genre of clothing in these eastern cuts and silhouettes. Dipped in creativity and glamour, Noor Festive Embroidered 20 collection is all about intricate details, exquisite fabrics, and attractive colors.

No reason to overlook this outstanding collection released by emerging Pakistani clothing brand Saadia Asad.

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