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Mehndi Dresses are So Popular in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France & Germany

Are you going to attend a Henna Party? Here’s Everything You Need to Know about mehndi clothes. Here you will find the prettiest mehndi clothes that girls/brides-to-be around the globe must prioritize. Reason? Simple, we don’t spare a single henna suit anywhere if we find that a perfect henna outfit.

What is the mehndi function?

Mehndi is one of the famous Pakistani wedding functions or ceremonies that excites everyone from children to adults. The happy and cheery vibe of the event calls for an equally vibrant and cheerful dressing. The henna function is all about colors, henna, and the overall lively and energetic ambiance. For this reason, Pakistani or Indian women make sure that they have the perfect mehndi outfit to keep up with the vibe of the event.

Henna Outfits Colors

Traditionally, people choose different shades of yellow mehndi clothes for the henna event. While it remains a classic color for the event, nowadays people are leaning towards brighter colors like neon greens, orange, bright pink, purple and combining them with calm airy blues and other subtle tones to create the perfect symphony.

Henna Suits Styles

Pakistani brides also look for something different and unique regarding henna suits such as mehndi lehenga, innovative sharara, pishwas and they are also very conscious in mehndi dresses color combination.

The Pakistani community abroad is always in search of Pakistani henna outfits for weddings they are about to attend. It’s quite a hassle ordering these dresses from relatives in Pakistan and ordering online. To relieve you of this headache, has taken the initiative to provide you the best Pakistani mehndi suits online. Bright colors, vibrant designs infused with traditional and contemporary styles; everything you look for in a perfect mehndi wear is available at this unique platform.

Mehndi Dresses for Bride

We have introduced, so far, thousands of beautiful, elegant and luxurious Henna Collections online at Shadi Dress. You will find a huge list of henna dresses for brides online with exemplary craftsmanship.

We have bridal lehengas for henna ceremony, Yellow Pishwas with Churidar Pajamas, Pure Chiffon Yellow Honey Lehenga Cholis, Pure Chiffon Peplum Lehengas, Raw Silk Lehenga Kurtis, Pure China Raw Silk Shararas and uncountable henna suits online.

These are just few out of thousands of mehndi clothes for bride online available at Shadi Dress. All the vibrant colors and well-defined impressive wedding wear dresses are perfect for mehndi function.

Wedding Outfits for Guests

How can we overlook the wedding guests here? The core part of any wedding event. We have numerous breathtakingly gorgeous mehndi clothes online for wedding guests.

You can pick your favorite henna attire from a huge list of simple mehndi dresses to heavily embellished henna clothes. There is no limit to designs at Shadi Dress.

Mehndi Outfits for Sisters

Sister, are you there? I brought you something special today. Sounds good, isn’t it? We hear this dialogue in our homes frequently. Sisters are always blessing, always God gifted friends, we care about them and we should do this.

We, at Shadi Dress, got you covered sisters! We brought the most elegant and stylish henna outfits for you. Wear them at your brother’s wedding and grab the attention of the whole party.

Henna Outfits for Bridesmaids

Now it is time to talk about bridesmaids’ attires, who always wait for their bestie’s marriage. Girls, we have the top 100 outfits for your wedding Function. Scroll up the section of henna dresses and pick your one.

There are yellow, green, honey and many other colorful dresses for you that are intricately embellished with gold tilla dabka and naqshi on the rich surface of royal red satin karandi. Many of them are perfect pieces for Bridesmaid.

Mehndi Outfits: Sharara

Sharara is the lower garment that is like flared pants. It is said that if you are talking about pants that look like lehengas, then you are definitely talking about Shararas. And if we talk about its fame in Eastern culture, especially in Pakistan & India, girls never forget to hang this amazing dress-piece in their wardrobe.

But, when the wedding of any relative comes, they buy this outfit at least for anyone occasion among all wedding ceremonies.

That is why we can say that it is the favorite dress of a girl out of three.

Bridal Lehenga

What is a lehenga? If you ask this question to any girl, she will laugh at you. But why? Because she thinks you must have known this and is joking. It means lehenga is so famous today. What is the reason behind the fame of this gorgeous wedding costume? Let us explain it.

Lehenga dress for the henna event is something more than perfect. Are we exaggerating? You can say but wait, if you neglect lehenga from the wedding dresses list for the henna occasion then is there a perfect alternative wedding dress? Maybe not.

Then what? Choose mehndi lehenga for the henna occasion, you will be the queen of the party. We have hundreds of bridal mehndi dresses at Shadi Dress, choose today.

Yellow Wedding Outfits

Does yellow color have the same importance just like it had many years ago? The answer is: to a great extent. Even today’s modern young ladies mostly like the combination of yellow with other colors like green, beige, silver, golden and pink, etc. but still yellow color has the primary importance despite the passage of many centuries.

The GOOD NEWS is we paid the extra heed to this traditional yet most powerful color and have introduced hundreds of Yellow Mehndi Outfits. Just go and choose your favorite yellow dress.

Pakistani Designer Mehndi Dresses

Do you know, we have covered all top Pakistani clothing designers and especially mehndi clothing designers. Yes from Deepak Parwani to Nameera by Farooq we observed every single henna outfit and included all the best ones. That’s why it can be said that here you will find your favorite dress designer as well.  But what’s the difference then? Well, it’s all about price, we are providing world-class fabric and stitching quality with the lowest price guaranteed :)

Pakistani Mehndi Clothes in UK, USA, Canada and..

We have covered 170+ countries around the globe. Wherever you are, we are just a click away from you. Maybe this is the reason why we are so famous around the world. Our head office is in the Netherlands, but our outlets are in more than 70+ countries including UK, USA, Canada & Australia.


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