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Meharmaa Festive Lawn Collection by Farasha

It is hard to make the lawn look good for any festival or event but Farasha clothing brand has done it. They have come out with Meharma festive lawn collection, and it is definitely your savior in a fashion emergency. Beat the heat and look glamorous all at once.

Meharmaa Festive Lawn Collection is available in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany & Ireland Online

The designs are unique, majestic, divine, and, all in all, incomparable. With over-the-top embroidery, soothing colors, bewitching patterns, and high-quality fabric, this Eid Collection UK is one to die for.

Hard work and dedication are reflected in each and every outfit. Every dress is created carefully, mixing the right patterns, colors, and style, Farasha has truly done justice to this collection. Be stylish, modish, eloquent and comfortable in these gorgeous pieces.

Meharmaa Festive Lawn Collection by Farasha

Let’s have a look at the features of all dresses one by one!


Farasha pk designer crafted this pretty black ensemble with maroon and navy blue adornments. Beautiful bodice embroidery with the design trailing down to the border creates an exquisite cascade of colors.


You cannot go wrong with a peach tone for a festive event. This attire has lovely pink tone enhancements on the front and sleeves, presenting the perfect chic look.

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Aman is our favorite in Meharmaa Festive Lawn Collection. Ravishing grey cloth elaborated with graceful and subtle pastel tones, on bodice, front and sleeves. Extravagant decoration on the border, makes this simple colored dress ceremonial.


Want to look simple yet elegant? Ornamented Net dupatta paired with an embroidered off white shirt definitely sweeps the board. 


Dull gold elaboration on periwinkle purple is the fusion of your dreams. This fairytale combination will make you look mystic, luxurious and, on the whole, a QUEEN.


Refashion your look with this matchless plum outfit. Uplift your style, combine it with lavish jewelry and a pair of stilletos, and there you have it, a dress unlike any other.

Akbar Aslam


This piece has a lot going on and we love every bit of it. This attire is quintessential for someone who likes to take bold fashion choices. This is your sign to be trendy and try something fun.

It’s time to shop Meharmaa Festive Lawn Collection without wasting time anymore!

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