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Linen Collection by Maria B

The brand’s approach for this linen collection by Maria B is bold and glamorous and it believes in perfecting the details. With vibrant colors and meticulous embroidery, we can see the designer’s passion bursting forth. Softly draped, breathable, durable linen material makes it possible to wear these outfits all year round.

Discover Fines Colors in Linen Collection by Maria B

A mixture of classic and mystique is what this Maria B UK collection offers. The finest colors that we all love like black, deep red, sea green, rust, beige, brown, yellow, and pink all make an appearance. Extraordinary color combinations are an eyeful, our favourite is the ash pink and feroza combination, the amalgamation makes the outfit elegant and modern.

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This evergreen collection has magnificent embroidery work, lush pearl work, striking statement highlights, carefully adorned borders and necklines, exquisite prints paired with captivating shawls appealing to ladies with different tastes.

Let’s have a glance at some of this collection’s awe-inspiring outfits in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France & Ireland.

Linen Collection by Maria B


An all-black attire is a staple in every girl’s wardrobe, this ensemble is decorated with aesthetic colorful motifs on sleeves. Gold embroidery on the neckline and bodice ties the whole dress together. A stunning woven multicolor shawl introduces the pop of color.

republic womenswear UK


How we love this purple cloth with sea green stitching. A graceful embellished lace for the border, neckline and sleeves. Adorned slits on the sides, these slits make the dress bold and chic. Supreme for a lady with a refined taste in fashion.  


One cannot go wrong with union of rust and maroon tones. Printed shirt with impressive gold ornament on the neck and gold work on shirt’s pockets. A polished style, quintessential for pocket lovers. Maroon woven shawl with an appealing block pattern and ornate design on borders.


Ravishing embroidered crimson red printed shirt with a crimson red gorgeous shawl. Sensual print, a sight for sore eyes. The delightful white printed trouser coalition with the red is the fusion we were longing for. The craftsmanship and detailing are stupendous.

Baroque pk

Final Thoughts

No reason the skip this page now. Girls, place your order and receive an ethereal dress from Linen Collection by Maria B.

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