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Lawn Prints Collection by Sobia Nazir

Sobia Nazir is a fashion icon of the new age for sure. It has branched from different styles and has now brought us stunning Lawn Prints Collection. With the brand’s unique vision, the pieces are one of a kind. Her take on fashion is distinct but stylish, modish, chic, glamorous and spunky.

Lawn Prints Collection Available Online in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany & Ireland

Sobia Nazir makes bold style choices, perfect for someone who does not like to follow the norm. The collection offers extravagant colors, exquisite prints, splendid quality fabric, stupendous designs, bewitching neckline embroidery and artistic patterns. Comfort is something the designer incorporates into her own wear and into her collection as well. It is safe to say that Sobia has nailed every print in this collection.

Lawn Prints Collection by Sobia Nazir

Let’s Review some of the top outfits from the collection.


With an extravagant neckline patch, this maroon color apparel is a sight to behold. The designs and colors mix flawlessly to create an ideal blend of style.

Asim Jofa USA


Pink floral motifs on an oceanic blue shirt is giving all the soft, cozy vibes. The attire is the perfect definition of style and grace. White embroidery all over the border and neckline elevates its charm.

Ready made Pakistani clothes online UK


Cool off in this parrot green suit this summer. This subtle color is paired with pink and different shades of green to boost up the ravishing design of this ensemble.


A mustard color outfit with orange and maroon décor is a sight to behold. The dress is tailor-made for someone who likes to look attractive and opulent.

Maria B UK


This dress has the classic color combination, black and red. This mix has been done so many times yet, Sobia has brought us something divergent and fabulous.


Who doesn’t love a two-toned dress? Gorgeous denim-blue carefully transitions into a fanciable navy-blue color, embellished with muted colors, this outfit can be a great addition to your wardrobe.




Vital Collection 2022-23 by Sobia Nazir
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