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A famous Pakistani brand founded in 2011. They have been serving their “khaas” products to their “khaas” customers.

From manufacturing the dresses to their display, everything is “khaas” about them. This brand name says it all about itself. They have launched their latest summer collection which is available on Shadi Dress.

You can either visit our outlet or order a Khas dress online. It will be delivered to you in a few working days. The name of this latest summer collection ‘Spring Vibes’ defines itself. It is full of vibrant colors and beautiful floral designs. It has three-piece embroidered dresses. Available with unstitched and ready to wear options.

These dresses are perfect for formal wear. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe. You sure don’t want to miss a chance of buying a dress from Khas.

Khas Fashion “Spring Vibes”

The wave of fashion through Khas this year comes with a powerful spring vibe! Shadi Dress turns the tables with another refreshing collection that enlightens our spring 2020, Digital Printed Embroidered Lawn 3 Piece Suits. These are perfect to wear as casuals or for party dresses. The sizzling collection carries all the calm colors involving leafy shades, branch shades, sky shades, and of course flower bloom highlights.

Patterns with zigzags and shapes

Although as the name implies its work is based upon florals but they came up with adding further patterns with zigzags and shapes to make them look even more alluring. So fashionistas! It’s time to have a quick go through on this hot collection to fill our wardrobes with summer and spring wear. Alright, so if you’re looking for a coffee, wood, or cedar shades then bump into these outfits from Khas: Simplicity, Mystic Glow, Furious Waves, Endless, Delice Gris, Citadel, Cinnamon, and Chromatic. Thir names portray their personality.

Colors are so promising

If you’re into early spring shades then you can place your orders for Khas Royal Bloom, Nirvana, Mystic tribe, and Dark Ditsy. These colors are so promising with their designs and style that you won’t feel dull at all. They make you feel beautiful and comfortable in this humidity. The light embroidery on each outfit is so neatly drawn that you’ll get hypnotized by its delicacy.

Bright and Natural

Let’s change our shade lenses into something bright and natural like butter shades, autumn colors, and natural peach. To walk in fashion with these outfits you can browse for Khas  Wirling Mauve, Summer Bounty, Saffron, Purpura Mediocris, Mure Visum, Majestic, and Lime Crime. Don’t you feel like you’re getting to feature various natures of the world through these outfits? Don’t you feel the spring fluorescence within you? It’s such an amazing offer to brighten up your days!

Go to Shadi Dress’s latest collections, keeping in mind your preferences and occasions, scroll through any of the brands available, and get yourself inspired! Don’t forget to peek into the latest Spring Vibes by Khas!

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