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Iznik Wedding Dresses

Crafting Pakistani clothes that give a timeless appeal and look stylish and elegant at the same time is what Iznik in the UK, USA & Canada, & other countries is all about.s

Why Iznik is Famous in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany & Netherlands

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 The brand is all about promoting ethnicity through its dresses. At Iznik, making yourself fashionable is not the only goal. Promoting originality, empowerment, and embracing the uniqueness of each woman is what this brand aims for through its couture. Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Iznik Provides a Neat and Regal Look:

What makes it matchless is the use of pure silk thread.Mehndi Dresses

The embellishments are sewn intricately with the silk thread which gives them a neat and regal look. It’s safe to say at this point that Iznik is making its appearance as the trendsetter of embroidered silk dress. Asim Jofa

Zainab Chottani

Iznik Brand UK, France & Germany

Gul Ahmed

The Fusion of Modern and Traditional Styles:

Women today desire trendy yet elegant Nikkah Dresses that have just the right fusion of modern and traditional styles Maria b. This unique clothing brand considers all this and provides the best attires for today’s modern and empowered women. Lehenga Choli

Iznik Produces Vibrant colors &  Floral Gardenia Prints:

Iznik in UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, & Spain also offers a vast range of other fabrics. It showcases fashion in all its forms in its lawn collection. Vibrant colors, floral gardenia prints, and the luxurious lawn fabric are the perfect package for your summer wardrobe. Zainab Chottani

The Pakistani Velvet Dresses collection is also one of a kind. Velvet looks royal and glamourous in all its forms and the brand just amplifies the beauty of the fabric by designing them in a way that it’s impossible to take a look at them and not fall in love. Pakistani Wedding Dresses in UK from the brand are elegant and when combined with the signature silk thread work, the beauty of the garments is multiplied infinitely. Indian Maxi Dresses


Shadi Dress has collaborated with Iznik to make sure you get all the dresses you ever need in every season at one place in the Khaadi UK. Baroque

The unique dresses from this brand and the promise of delivering only the best from Shadi Dress are the perfect combination for your shopping spree.

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