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Izel Luxury Collection 22 Lawn by Shiza Hassan

The demand for unstitched lawns is unequaled and therefore we see a lot of boring repetitive designs and shades, breaking away from this monotonous cycle with ‘Izel luxury Collection lawn 22’ by Shiza Hassan. The marvelous styles and glamorous looks in this collection are turning heads.

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The dresses have everything we want in a luxury lawn dress, there is bling, there is shine, there is magic. The Izel Luxury collection presents with breathtaking embroidery, bonny colors, and chic styles, all things considered, a masterpiece before our eyes. These exclusive pieces with a grand color palette immediately catches one’s attention. With a number of brands introducing luxury lawns, the pressure is on, ‘Izel luxury lawn’ is certainly in the running with distinct attires and magnificent designs.

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Mustard color is the definition of beauty, the color is bright and sophisticated. This mustard ensemble with shocking pink and white embellishments is one to die for.


Excessive embroidery all over the shirt gives it the extravagant look. Mauve color paired with stunning dull gold trousers makes this dress fancy and attractive.


Want to make a statement at you next event? Go for this hot pink outfit with glittering gold embroidery. Sheer sleeves to give it the extra zest. A floral printed dupatta to seal the deal.


Update your festive lawn collection with this refreshing turquoise piece. Extensive decoration and pop of colors, make this dress blissful for a festive event.

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This dress is causing a stir and for good reason. A navy-blue fabric with bright color embroidery has left us gawping at the piece. With an appealing ornamented back, this outfit has come straight out of our dreams.


The Izel Luxury collection has also played with neutral tones and undoubtedly has won the game. An arresting neckline and an awe-inspiring border combined with a flashy daffodil dupatta is a sight to behold.

Izel Luxury Collection 22 Lawn by Shiza Hassan


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