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Hania Amir in White Shalwar Kameez: Looks All Glamorous

Hania Amir in White Shalwar Kameez

Hania Amir is always on our radar because of how adorable she looks in Pakistani outfits. This time, the top Pakistani model and actress was spotted in a white regal embroidered outfit. This ethereal white shalwar kameez will elevate your festive style. 

This time, Hania did the photoshoot for Azure, an emerging Pakistani clothing brand in the market. The striking embroidery technique and detailed embellishments, including milky threadwork, hanging tassels, and a row of fabric buttons on the front neck, will bring its A-game to the event.

The brand kept the kameez until the ankle, giving the wearer a dreamy look. The top hem has a wide embroidered floral patch and radiating hanging tassels. The same embroidery technique has been used on the sleeve borders, matching the festive look and feel. 

The gorgeous white embroidered chiffon dupatta seems a perfect match. There is a spray of embroidery on the body of the dupatta and a thick, intricately embroidered border, completing the luxury look of the 3-piece traditional wear. 

The background is also ambient, as a beach and white curtains are blowing in the breeze behind the cutie in the calm evening. As always, the smile on Hania Amir’s face made the scene more charming.  

Hania Amir in White Shalwar Kameez 1

Hania Amir in White Shalwar Kameez 2

Hania Amir in White Shalwar Kameez 3

We know you can’t wait to see what looks you serve on your special day, so grab it now!