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Formals Collection 2021 by Akbar Aslam

Formals Collection 2021 by Akbar Aslam

Akbar Aslam has once again become the talk of the town among fashion lovers with its Formals Collection 2021.

The brand chose the net fabric, one of the finest fabrics, and displayed well-crafted ensembles. All articles are trendier and heavily yet beautifully embellished. The formals collection 2021 by Akbar Aslam is a perfect amalgamation for any wedding. You can wear them on any special occasion like a festival, wedding and party.

There are 11 awe-inspiring articles in this collection. Here’s a quick look at this latest elegant release.

11 Iconic Dresses in Formals Collection 2021 by Akbar Aslam

  • Anastasia: Yet another embroidered lehenga in eye-catchy bottle green color.
  • Veronica: Russian grip lehenga in attractive grey color.
  • Yarrow: One of the most beautiful articles in this collection, amazing frock.
  • Phlox: This very light shade of blue dress will definitely elevate your wardrobe.
  • Amaryllis: If you’re looking for a maroon long dress, then look no further than this masterpeice.
  • Periwinkle: Now, here is the true look of blue color, handmade fantastic wedding wear.
  • Genesis: The only yet striking gharara with Mesoori hand-embellished shirt.
  • Peony: What’s different in this dress is, it contains jamawar bnarsi shawl which is perfecto.
  • Baccara: Russian grip trouser, artistic dupatta, and a pretty patterned lehenga; yes, we are on Baccara.
  • Wisteria: This eye-pleasing frock demonstrates an affinity for indigenous craft tradition, combined with a modern aesthetic.

The collection displays delicate embroideries and intricate handwork which will make your day A MEMORABLE DAY. The prices of all 11 dress-pieces are affordable and if you haven’t experienced our stitching quality, then you must do it.

Closing Thoughts:

If you can’t afford the bad look and are trying hard to find some amazing wedding pieces then Akbar Aslam Formals Collection 2021 is for you.

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