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Embroidered Qara Collection by Charizma

The well-known clothing brand Charizma has come out with Embroidered Qara Collection Vol-2. The collection contains 3-piece suits perfect for someone who likes the refined, composed, and put-together look. Heavenly embroidered lawn shirts are paired with soft cotton trousers and a chic chiffon dupatta. With alluring color combinations, ravishing detailing, sophisticated designs, and superb quality material, the package is too good to be true.

Embroidered Qara Collection is Available in UK, USA, Canada, and other European Countries Online

This assortment of divine outfits is ideal for women who are fashion forward and are always up for new challenges. The demand for unstitched apparel is unparalleled and so we are glad that Charizma has brought us beautiful and distinct clothes in this genre. These dresses are the epitome of modern fashion, elegance, and glamor.

Embroidered Qara Collection by Charizma

Let’s take a look at the top three outfits from this classic Embroidered Qara Collection.


Embellished motifs are placed tactfully to give an elegant look. The sleeves and front are decorated with artistic, smooth adornments. The fabric is light and flowy, making the summer heat a bit more bearable.

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Prepossessing design on the border of the dupatta is radiating modish vibes. All the elements are gorgeous, and blended together to make a flawless ensemble. Gift it to someone you love or make it the boss of your own closet.


Pink and orange highlight on the border of the dupatta has made this number eye-catching for sure. The playful amalgamation of shades; make us gravitate towards this piece.

Iznik pk

Evoke your happiness with this winsome apparel having exceptional embroidery, stunning borders, and fanciable sleeves. Ornamented trousers Patti has knocked this look out of the park.


Opposite worlds have come together, by pairing a lovely white dupatta with a Qara shirt. Style it with graceful white pearl jewelry to elevate the look ten-fold. The attire is elevated by a wide border embellished exquisitely; this unique style has certainly brought the outfit into the limelight.  This dress is best for a casual hangout or a movie night or a simple lunch.


Don’t waste your time, ladies, grab the best article in your eyes, from this superb Embroidered Qara Collection in UK. 

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