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Elan Clothing

Synonymous with grace, comfort and luxury, Elan with its intricately embroidered and delicately designed couture, has become very popular among Pakistanis

Shop Elan in UK, USA, Canada, Australia France and Germany

Wear this brand and become prominent in a wedding

Starting in 2006, Elan has rapidly climbed the ladder of success with its aesthetic silhouettes and unique ensembles.

Elan is your one-stop-shop:

The brand has a wide range of formal, semi-formal, and Pakistani party dresses in UK. Different collections showcase a vast variety of luxury fabrics and colors to choose from. Elan is your one-stop-shop for all your casuals, formals, wedding wear, and pret wear dresses. Every season the pret-a-porter line from this brand is waited impatiently by its customers. The collection comprises of intricate designs and exquisite details which make each of the dresses aesthetically pleasing.

Variety of Techniques:

What makes this unique clothing brand most loved among people is the use of a variety of techniques in their work. Classic hand-stitching and other traditional and modern techniques are used to delicately and expertly craft each dress. The brand has eyes set on international fashion and heart set on bringing you clothes that are accessible yet don’t compromise on the grace, elegance and the confidence of the one wearing it. The attires designed in the Elan studio are timeless and beautiful every season.

The Perfect Mix of Subtle, Bold, and Vibrant:

The color palettes of every collection by Elan are a perfect mix of subtle, bold, and vibrant. Each dress is lathered in a splash of different colors making them stand out from the rest. The Villette Collection and Tissue de Luxe Collection are a burst of a rainbow, with different colors seen in every dress. The wedding and formal couture have dresses decked in solid gold with sparkling embellishments to elevate the look. The perfect fusion of subtle tones and vibrant hues can be found in the newly added Vital Collection.


Shadi Dress solves your problems of shopping everything from one place by introducing Elan in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Netherlands. From formals to casuals, haute-couture to pret, Shadi Dress has everything available from the closet of this brand delivered to your doorstep.

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