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Cross Stitch Lawn and Chiffon Dresses

Young ladies love to wear Cross Stitch Lawn and Chiffon Dresses.

Starting from the classic technique of cross-stitch and evolving them into timeless, beautiful designs that stem from the ancient art form, Cross Stitch in UK, Europe, USA, Canada & Australia offers traditional cuts and thread work combined with contemporary trends and colors so that you are the trendsetter and not the follower.

The brand built its reputation by starting from pret-wear and slowly expanded to a wide range of fabrics and styles. From modern digital silk prints and printed lawn to embroidered lawn, chiffon, voile, cotton satin, they have it all.

Cross Stitch Seasonal Collection:

The seasonal collection that this brand has to offer is also one of the most notable collections. The color palettes and designs are created keeping up with the latest styles. With all the aforementioned fabrics available in the line, the seasonal collection is here to make sure you rock every season.

Apart from fabrics, the pret wear range is a one-of-a-kind range that will surely make you say wow! With printed crepe, embroidered premium collection, and embroidered seasonal collection, Cross Stitch aims to keep you dressed on point on every occasion.

The brand believes in quality and customer loyalty which is why it introduces new designs and collections every once in a while to keep you in style every season. They make sure you never repeat the same outfits. So you have new collections every few weeks to upgrade your closet.

Cross Stitch Kohkaaf Premium Lawn Collection

Inspired by the mountains of Kohkaaf, depicting the grandeur and magnificent splendor, Cross Stitch launched their Premium Lawn Collection under the name Kohkaaf. The name screams brilliance and grandiosity and so does every dress in the collection. We’re sure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of them.

When we talk about the color palette of the Kohkaaf Collection, you can find a vast variety of eye-catching and dazzling hues. From calming pastels to shining vibrant tones, you can find whatever color you want in this collection. Different shades of red, green, purple, blue, orange, and black are mixed together creating a compelling fusion that will leave you spellbound.

Cross Stitch is perfect for your summer wardrobe:

Next, come the design and fabric. Cross Stitch Kohkaaf Collection features mostly lawn dresses. It is designed keeping in mind the scorching summer season and the needs of it. The breezy and light fabric is styles and designed in various ways so you have a wide variety of clothes to choose from for your summer wardrobe. And with the plus point of the designs being unstitched, you can style them in any way you want. Moreover, the collection includes printed and embroidered attires as well. Beautiful and minimal floral embroidery with dense prints makes the dresses worth buying.

The colors, fabric, and designs all infused together to create the perfect ensemble for the bold, classy, and elegant look that you desire every time.

All the dresses in the collection are beautiful but the ones that stand out are:

  1. Opulent Plush- A beautiful pastel blue dobby shirt decked with golden block print paired with printed lawn dupatta and cambric trouser
  2. Charcoal Glint- A timeless black with a hint of shiny golden block print paired with printed dupatta and cambric trouser.
  3. Bask Impression- A classic pink shade adorned with beautiful floral prints and paired with embroidered trouser.

These and many more colors and style await you at this brand. So don’t wait and get your hands on the ever amazing Kohkaaf Collection by Cross Stitch now.


Shadi Dress, partnering with Cross Stitch, brings you a wide range of pret wear and unstitched collection from a vast range of fabrics to choose from. With customer satisfaction as our main aim, we try our best to provide you with the Pakistani Designer Dresses UK from your favorite Pakistani clothing brands in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, and 170+ other countries. Gear up your wallets and get shopping from Cross-Stitch available at

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