Cross Stitch PK

Cross Stitch PK is a Pakistani fashion institution with fans of all ages in the United States. The brand has transitioned to the US market while remaining relevant to ethnic traditions. Cross Stitch PK’s latest volumes have upped the variety factor, and the fashion label has been boosted by the introduction of its latest fancy range. Designer clothes are perfect for women who want style without gaudiness. At Shadi Dress, we have featured all the latest editions of this brand.

Cross Stitch PK

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Cross Stitch Ready to Wear New Collections in USA

Every outfit from Cross Stitch PK’s collection has a steller designer look. The desi fashion label’s focus is always to introduce dresses that make style statements on every occasion. The new editions of this brand are beyond elegant. If you’re planning to explore the online stores and buy some perfect outfits carrying a distinct blend of hues and beautifully mastered designs, Cross Stitch PK’s latest volumes are perfect as the grab-and-go for this annual festive celebration.

Let’s have a look at the complet list below;

  1. Chikankari Lawn
  2. Eid ul Adha Lawn
  3. Khaddar Linen
  4. Luxe Atelier
  5. Wedding Volume