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Basant Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa

Get ready to be stirred! Because we are here with brand new collection released by Asim Jofa for those who eat, sleep, and breathe amazing attires. It is the custom of Shadi Dress that we cherish and celebrate all the seasons by launching our brand new collection designed with fresh ideas by our dedicated doyens. This time we are here to give you goosebumps with this awesome Basant Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa.  

Why Choose Basant Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa

Shadi Dress connoisseurs discern impeccably how to make our worthy clients part of unending fad trends. Along with taking care of fashion, we also consider the validation of Eastern values and traditions while designing and crafting our majestic outfits. We all know ‘Basant’ as a festival arranged to welcome springtime, an event of togetherness, and an occasion of celebration. Our aficionados have baptized this collection as Basant Collection 2022 to honor spring and summers afterwards. The eye-catching outfits from the compendium can elevate your styling sense for various formal and semiformal functions. These are flawless outfits for minimal ceremonies like engagement or nikah of a friend, or any other festivity and yes, for Basant itself. Shadi Dress has also provided you with the opportunity of bestowing your wardrobe with superlative ethnic wear on the upcoming Eid Dresses for Eid-ul-Adha.

Color Scheme of Basant Collection by Asim Jofa

To hit revelries of spring and summers with all might, we have opted for the most charming and vibrant tints to embellish this idiosyncratic assemblage. For the treat to eyes and to quench the thirst for bravura, cherry red, lilac, a combo of purple and orange, a blend of coral and peach, aqua blue, off white, deep plum, grey, ivory gold, salmon pink, and many other soothing and refreshing hued outfits are part of this imperial collection by Shadi Dress

Styles and Fabric of this Awesome Collection

As we have designed this collection wholly and solely to enhance your aura on gathering, our dozens have given a whimsical touch by beautifying all these glorious apparels by rendering significant embroidery, sequin, and a variety of thread works, zari, Dori, motifs, and a diversification of other titivations. In this luxurious collection, Asim Jofa has introduced amazing lehengas, frocks, and maxis.  To impart a queeny vibe, we have employed organza for most of the dresses but the involvement of silk, silk cotton, jacquard, and other premium textile materials is also present.

Jashn Collection by Asim Jofa
Exclusive Rasm Collection 2022 by Asim Jofa
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