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We are going to talk about a brand that can, surely, make your day just memorable. Baroque in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Ireland is a lavish Pakistani clothing brand serving for over 5 years now.

This brand is one of the most famous Pakistani Bridal Dresses, USA & Canada for producing top quality and rich fabrics. Living up to its name, Baroque, they have manufactured and designed beautiful and stylish dresses. Their dresses are a stunning combination of eastern, cultural designs, and modern art. Their outfits are what today’s women demand, that is, quality and style. 


The brand promotes the individuality of a woman through its dresses. They stitch their outfits keeping in mind a woman’s age, size, and aesthetics. Their dresses are not age-specific. Meaning, their catalog has designs and styles for a forty-year-old woman and a twenty-year-old girl also. Sharara Suits

This clothing brand is famous for extravagant chiffon fabric and swiss voile fabric. The Shadi Dress boutique is proud to have Baroque at its store and online. We have their latest collections, Chantelle Chiffon collection, and Swiss Voile collection.

Baroque UK, France & Germany

Baroque Releases Captivating Collections

The Chantelle Chiffon Collection is a luxurious chiffon collection designed for wedding wear. On the other hand, Swiss Voile collection is a three-piece embroidered collection for formal occasions. Both of these collections have supreme quality fabric. Our customers in the UK are a fan of their Swiss Voile Collection. Nikkah Dresses

You can buy their outfits from our retail store of Shadi Dress. Or if you live in any other state or country, order your favorite Baroque dress online. The delivery time is 7-12 working days. If you are updating your wardrobe, then you should buy this brand’s dress.

Why is Baroque so Popular in UK, USA, Canada, & France

Timeless, fashionable, and stylish sums up Baroque in 3 words. An immaculate fusion of cultural eastern artwork with contemporary modern styles is what this brand keeps in mind along with promoting the individuality of each woman. What makes it popular among Pakistani women in the UK, USA, Canada, France Germany, Netherlands, and all other countries is that it caters to a wide range of audiences and has trendy dresses made from traditionally crafted fabrics for women of every age, size, and according to every woman’s individual aesthetic and vibe. Sobia Nazir

Stitched to your perfect fit, this brand’s designs never go out of style. It strives to provide you the perfect fitting which is why they offer custom stitching facilities so that you can get your favorite outfits according to your style. Mehndi Dresses

Baroque Swiss Voile Collection

When we hear the name Baroque, what comes in our minds is the exuberance and grandeur of the works. Staying true to its name, it showcases the most elegant and exquisite designs you’ve ever seen. Painted on luxury fabrics like chiffon and Swiss Voile,Pakistani Velvet Dresses the dresses exhibit timelessness, class, and style in every possible way. Shadi Dress has partnered up with this brand to provide you luxurious formal dresses for every occasion. Indian Maxi Dresses

Baroque is Absolutely Incredibly Gorgeous

Swiss voile is a soft, light and sheer and is perfect for almost every piece of the dress be it full dresses, scarves, ties, etc. Baroque launched its Swiss Voile Collection recently and to say it’s absolutely captivating would be an understatement. The collection is a fusion of traditional eastern and modern artwork to be worn by women of all ages. The collection features beautiful embroidered designs that instantly upgrade your look and are fit for every occasion. Khaadi

The Sheer Delicate and Floral Embroidery

Let’s talk about the colors of this collection. The Swiss Voile Collection features very basic colors like black, white red, and purples. What makes these dresses look intriguing is the sheer delicate and floral embroidery. It just upgrades the look of the dress making it drool-worthy. The bright red is guaranteed to make sure all eyes are on you at the next event you wear it too. The timeless white and blacks accompanied by intricate embroidery really amplify the glam and galore of the dress. Asim Jofa

Here are some of the notable pieces from the collection:

  1. Tranquil Flora- A beautiful and sophisticated red draped with subtle but fulfilling embroidered borders, paired with chiffon dupatta and cambric trouser.
  2. Stallion- A classic purple dazzled with eye-catching embroidery with printed chiffon dupatta and embroidered trouser.

Zainab Chottani

These are just some of the dresses that stand-out. Many more like these await you ladies in UK only at Shadi Dress. Shadi Dress is proud to join hands with Baroque to provide you the best Swiss Voile dresses in town. Gul Ahmed

Baroque Chantelle Collection

As said previously, Baroque caters to the need of every woman. Their sub-brand Fuchsia carries affordable casual wear like lawn Kurtis while the Chantelle collection features high priced luxury formal chiffon dresses. Sana Safinaz

In this era, we usually prefer stitched dresses over unstitched which is why Baroque once again fulfilling the need of the hour comes up with their unique pret wear collection. Basic colors along with contrasting color palettes paired with intricate embroidery and motifs, the collection is the result of the hard work of a talented team of designers. Maria b

Final Thoughts

Every piece created by this distinctive Pakistani clothing brand is a masterpiece of its own. Shadi Dress showcases these masterpieces in all their glory at their website for the ease of their customers in the UK. Get your hands on these amazing dresses now and amp up your style with Baroque at Shadi Dress.

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