Embroidered Cotton Karandi – AJKT-04


Brand: Asim Jofa
Cotton Karandi
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Asim Jofa, an established Pakistani fashion brand, introduces their AJKT-04 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez for festive events like weddings or festive gatherings. The intricate embroidery makes this outfit ideal for formal gatherings such as weddings or festive 


Embroidery Details: 

Asim Jofa has showcased exceptional craftsmanship with the AJKT-04’s intricate embroidery details. The Kameez features an elaborately embroidered woven shawl with four side borders, an embroidered front center panel on cotton karandi, as well as four side borders embroidered in cotton karandi on either side, along with four bordered front side panels right and left, all on cotton karandi; additionally an organza border features intricately embroidered details in cotton karandi for further elegance – sleeves also boast cotton karandi detailing for further beauty.


 The AJKT-04 Shalwar Kameez features exquisite embellishments such as small pearls, tassels with beads, sequins and shuttle lace and cutwork designs to give it a stunning yet luxurious appearance.

Dupatta Details:

 The Dupatta features a small floral design pattern throughout, making it an elegant accessory to accompany any Kameez. Furthermore, its sequined patches and shuttle laces with cutwork borders add glamour and sophistication that only enhance any ensemble.


The trouser is equally chic and fashionable, featuring a normal width with triangular shuttle laces with plates on their borders for a sophisticated finish that complements the Kameez perfectly. Both pieces share an equally pleasing combination of brown and black hues to complete their ensemble look.


 While cotton Karandi fabric is known for its breathability and comfort, making it perfect for Pakistani wedding wear and festive events, its weave further amplifies this outfit’s glamour. In contrast, its cotton Karandi trouser provides all-day comfort for wearers.


The AJKT-04 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez is perfect for Pakistani wedding wear or festive events, featuring intricate embroidery that makes an impressionful statement in any room it enters. It stands out thanks to its eye-catching embroidery.


Overall, Asim Jofa’s AJKT-04 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez unquestionably represents their dedication and commitment to crafting stylish yet sophisticated fashion pieces. Perfect for anyone wanting to achieve an eye-catching look at weddings or festive events with its elaborate embroidery, precise embellishment, and harmonious colour scheme, be prepared to be remembered fondly at these special events with its graceful appearance!