Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-03


Brand: Asim Jofa
Self Twill
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Elegance in the darkest hours, this black ensemble is a stunning piece that exudes the essence of a Kashmiri night. The embroidery, adorned with maroon, mustard, and beige hues, complemented by cupped golden sequins and zari, forms an intriguing design layout, much like the intricate stories hidden in the shadows of the night. The shirt and shawl reflect the same captivating design, making it a piece of traditional art. The embroidered details add a touch of grace and tradition, while the bunches infuse a hint of mystery. Sana Javed graces this ensemble, embodying the elegance of a Kashmiri night.


  • 2.5 Meters embroidered shawl on velvet twill
  • 4 embroidered bunches for shawl corner on organza
  • 7.5 yard embroidered lace for shawl 4 side on organza
  • Embroidered front on self twill
  • Embroidered back on self twill
  • Embroidered center bunch for front on organza
  • Pair of embroidered big bunch right & left for front on organza
  • 60” embroidered border for front & back hemline on self twill
  • 2.5 meters embroidered borders for chaak on self twill
  • Pair of embroidered sleeves on self twill
  • 1 meters embroidered border for sleeves on self twill
  • 2 embroidered bunches for sleeves on organza
  • Embroidered front neckline on organza
  • Embroidered back neckline on organza
  • 1.5 meters dyed wide width cotton silk for trouser