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Asim Jofa UK, USA, Europe: Shop Complete Collection 2022-23

Asim Jofa in UK, USA, Europe is, undoubtedly, one of the most loved Pakistani apparel brands for formal, festive, and wedding dresses to wow you.

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Asim Jofa UK, France & Germany

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Loaded with captivating embroidery, outstanding designs, and elegant colours, this brand is equally loved by young ladies.

You have landed in the world of Asim Jofa right now, which is always unique and breathtaking. The brand features versatile fabrics, delicate embellishments, and soothing colour palettes in each collection, which celebrates your personality, and effortlessly takes you through every season. Nikkah Dresses

Since its start, the brand has launched hundreds of editions, including chiffon, velvet, organza, and net fabrics – all extraordinary editions of versatile designs.

Here are some most popular editions released by Asim Jofa in UK, USA, Europe.

  1. Chiffon Collections
  2. Embroidered Collections
  3. Luxury Lawn Collections
  4. Velvet Collections
  5. Western Wear
  6. Luxury Pret
  7. Wedding Collections
  8. Organza & Net Editions

Chiffon Collections by Asim Jofa in UK

  • Naubahar Chiffon Collection
  • Orne Edition
  • Festive Mysorie

Naubahar Chiffon Collection

You will look ethereal in this edition at any wedding ceremony. The brand donned extremely remarkable 10 chiffon ensembles for any big day.  Indian Maxi Dresses

The heavily embellished outfits are paired with traditional yet classical dupattas. So, if you’re thinking outside the box by wearing some amazing outfits with eye-pleasing hues in the most fashionable way, then Nuabahar Chiffon Collection is for you! Khaadi

Orne Collection

Eye-catchy long frock, exceptionally embroidered, and awe-inspiring designs, Orne edition contains all inspired pieces. Light purple, sea green, pastel pink, black, and navy blue colors make this unique edition of high-street fashion. Asim Jofa

Festive Mysorie

Yet another creative chiffon collection featuring sheer elegance. We are talking about Festive Mysorie by Asim Jofa. The brand strived its best to make its mark, and we have to say by launching Festive Mysorie, it has successfully done it and rightfully too. 

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Asim Jofa Embroidered Collection

The brand has launched 3 artistic embroidered collections so far: 

  • Zartaar Collection
  • Organza Collection
  • Signature Collection

Zartaar Collection

When we see the Zartaar collection, we have to say that the brand knows fashion trends very deeply. Zartaar edition consists of only classy pieces. The designer chose vibrant designs and intricate embellishments for all of the articles. Zainab Chottani

What distinguishes this edition from others is the striking embroidery techniques used by Asim Jofa’s experienced designers. Baroque

Organza Collection

Another perfect amalgamation of tradition with a hint of modernity is incorporated in the Organza Collection by this famous Pakistani clothing brand. No doubt, this edition is known for its combination of intricate embellishments, attention to detail & flattering silhouettes. Gul Ahmed

Signature Collection

The embroideries on the cotton net, along with beautifully embroidered dupattas, are as expected up to the mark. The signature collection proves that Asim Jofa is a creative designer with having an aesthetic vision

All these three embellished editions are perfect for Eid Dresses UK.

Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Collections

Lawn is worn throughout the year by women of all ages. Asim Jofa’s luxury lawn collections demonstrate an affinity for indigenous craft tradition, combined with a modern aesthetic. From every aspect, the lawn editions hold the finest craftsmanship. Maria b

Luxury Lawn Collection 2021

In this year 2021, the brand launched some iconic outfits that feature all well-crafted designs and eye-catching bright color combinations you wish to wear in the summers.

These wonderful attires imbibe ethnic feel with modern influences, impacting the rich utilization of delicate embroideries and elegant handwork. Sana Safinaz

Luxury Lawn Collection 2020

The clothes in the collection of this year got instant success due to multiple reasons:

  1. All 10+ outfits were the epitome of grace, innovation, and sophistication.
  2. The colors were classy examples of eastern traditions.
  3. The designs are truly fantastic.

The brand knows very well how to play with colors, contemporary cuts, and unique embroidery. And one can see this expertise in the lawn edition 2020. Sobia Nazir

Asim Jofa Velvet Collections

Liyana Collection

The brand has one, but very spectacular Liyana edition released this year in the velvet’s world. The brand used dark yet eye-soothing colors in all 6 stunning articles.   One can find vibrant and daring embroidery in this velvet collection. Purple, green, maroon, and black colors are prominent in Liyana Collection 2020-21. If you’re looking for splendid velvet outfits for this winter season, then look no further than Liyana edition.

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Western Wear 2021

If you love the perfect mixture of eastern and western cosy attire, then you should check the brand’s western edition. The brand’s western wear carries a friendly look in all seasons. Stylish yet glamorous, these outfits are something distinctive and special. 

The designs and colors of these phenomenal clothes are outstanding. Ladies living in the UK, USA, Europe, and other western countries really love western wear by this one of the most loved clothing brand. 

Luxury Pret

With the chic color palette, superb depictions, and sublime embroidery, yes, we are shedding light upon the brand’s luxury pret. The brand showcased modern techniques convoluted into traditional craft with an utter variety in its luxury pret collection. The flowy outfits in luxury pret are ready to make a statement. 

Asim Jofa Wedding Collection 2021

Now we are stepping into a grand affair, called a Pakistani or Indian wedding ceremony. Mehndi, Mayon, Rukhasti, Walima these are the headlines each wedding gala makes. The brand doesn’t follow trends but creates them and knows very well how to go a long way.

Mehndi Collection:

The brand’s outfits for the mehndi party are displaying warm hues, elegant motifs, and intricately opulent embroideries. Asim Jofa’s latest mehndi collection exudes luxury and sophistication with a glamorous vintage touch. Every single outfit is delicately designed according to the latest and modern trends and is perfect for any mehndi ceremony gatherings.

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Bridal Collection:

The bridal collection by this famous Pakistani fashion iconic is all about dynamic fashion aesthetics. Some are dazzlingly hottest articles, as we will be discussing later. The luxury wedding-wear by Asim Jofa incorporates the bridal outfits all carved out of prime quality fabric with a delicate vine of embroidery around the neckline, sleeves, daman, and dupatta.

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Organza, Net and Raw Silk Collections

Ferozaan Collection

There is one saree, one Sharara Dresses, one lehenga choli, and some long yet astonishing outfits in the Vasl Collection. This latest edition features glistering hand-embellished clothes that can completely elevate your look. 

Vasl Collection

Sajal Aly always slays the ladies with her stylish look. Once again, the cutest actress is doing her job in a great way by wearing the Vasl collection. As the season is changing, so change your wardrobe with this lush articles loaded edition. 

Final Thoughts

Your one-stop destination to shop all Pakistani brands outfits, Shadi Dress, is once again here to deliver you Asim Jofa’s latest clothes at affordable prices.

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