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For the fashion lovers of UK, USA, Canada, Germany & France Shadi Dress Limited walks in hand in hand with top notch brands of the eastern fashion industry of Pakistan to serve every lady hunting for THE PERFECT OUTFIT for wedding, Eid & parties. We can guarantee that once you’re in for a proper research on our website you wont leave without buying a dress. The reason this is being mentioned is not about bragging, it about the quality time we put to research and compile the best for you lovelies.

We believe in trust and support for our valuable and potential clients. Every brand we serve here can’t be ranked because we intend to promote the Pakistani fashion industry with support and less rivalry. We want you to have countless dresses for every occasion and it gets the shopping experience as exciting as we get while providing you with the best.

Let’s get into a little insight of our brand offerings. Let me make the current brands precise for you so that you can easily hop into the preferred occasion based brand. Wedding bells can sound beautiful by owning Maryum N Maria, Elaf, Imrozia, Mashq, Serene, Mushq, Maryam’s,  Areesha and Zebtan. For daily refreshing routine opt for casuals of the above mentioned brands like Gul Ahmed, Zaha, Asim Jofa, Akbar Aslam, Eshaisha, Charizma, Esha Eshaal, Lakhani, Jazmin and Laila’s. This isn’t an exclusive list of all the brands we serve. We serve so many brands with wide categories that it cannot be completely explained but definitely experienced.

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