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Shadi Dress - No.1 Pakistani Clothes Store in USA

Desi ladies love to wear ethnic clothes in the USA and always try hard to find authentic online Pakistani shops. High street, multi-brand store, Shadi Dress is the best Asian boutique featuring original designer Pakistani clothes in the USA. It is a place where you find a cluster of Pakistani clothing brands in ready to wear condition, plus a custom stitching option. This is something that no other online e-commerce store has ever done before in the USA. Drawing inspiration from the timeless designs of desi labels, we always try to set our unique trends. Our chosen styles revolve around tradition and modernity. Whether it’s summer or winter, we have the best choice for your daily or festive wear. We love our customers donning some of the most striking Pakistani ensembles here in United States.

Get Pakistani clothes same as the picture

When it comes to Pakistani designer dresses, genuine innovation is rare since the stitched clothes need to be perfect. Young girls and women don’t want to buy unstitched clothes but search for ready-made designer ensembles.

We don’t sell basic clothes; rather, we sell complete packages. Brands never provide embellishments (the tassels, beads, frills, laces, etc.), but we know that our valuable customers want the exact outfit they saw in the picture. And we at Shadi Dress make sure every single Pakistani dress is exactly the same as the stylish lady asked for.

We use our own premium quality embellishments to ensure the outfit is exactly or more gorgeous than the presentation on the online store.

No Replicas, 100% Originals

Since its inception, Shadi Dress has been challenging the fraud and scams in ethnic fashion in the USA. Plagiarism is a growing trend in the Pakistani fashion industry. Do you know? Many online stores in the USA sell replicas (the master copy of original branded Pakistani clothes) online. But we never do so, as we know the standards of our esteemed desi ladies here.

We know that selling A+ copies of original ensembles is fascinating because there is a gulf of difference between the prices (the replicas are way cheaper than the original). Pakistani ladies love to wear only the designer’s creativity and not imitation. At Shadi Dress, you will always receive the brand’s labelled attire.

Customize any Pakistani Dress

Our stitched ensembles not only look gorgeous but are intelligent and innovative. The designer dresses stitched by Shadi Dress fashion experts encompass the compelling elements of vintage and retro as we focus all our energies on reinventing ourselves with every thread on the fabric.

Our ready-to-wear outfits embody quality, regality, and womanhood, and that’s why we always pay attention to the quality of stitching. However, the most essential part of our stitching is the custom size (mentioned under every single product). By choosing this option, you are able to provide your complete size measurements, such as shoulder/chest/waist in inches or centimeters. Our tailors (the fashion gurus) strictly follow the provided size by the customer.

Free Shipping / Best Prices

No matter where you live in the country, the shipping is free (with standard delivery). We deliver super stunning Pakistani-branded outfits to your doorstep. We deliver to all states and cities in the country, including New York, Illinois, Houston, New Jersey, Arlington, Washington, and Texas, as well as Dallas, Virginia, Maryland, and Boston.

At Shadi Dress, the stitching of Pakistani clothes is free, the shipping is free (in most dresses), and the customs duty is free. What about the prices? Yes, our prices are the cheapest in the country. Feel free to buy cheap Pakistani designer clothes online.

Largest Pakistani Clothing Store in the USA

Whether you’re a fan of Asim Jofa or Baroque PK, we sell all Pakistani fashion labels. With over 70+ clothing brands and 10,000+ designer outfits, we are the No.1 multibranded Pakistani boutique in the USA. Not only this, we keep introducing new desi fashion houses in the United States.

Our Mission/Vision

Our mission is very simple: to sustain state-of-the-art ethnic fashion inclinations. We are striving to flourish desi culture in this country, and by the grace of God, we are getting success. Our mission is to spread Pakistani culture in every nook and corner.

Most Trusted Pakistani Boutique

Trustpilot and Google Reviews are the prime witnesses to this. Having 5-star reviews on both giant platforms shows how customers trust Shadi Dress. Customer feedback is our strength and motivation, giving us the energy to keep moving forward.