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Brands Dresses

100% Original Dresses | New Arrivals

  • Nishat Linen Black Silk Net Embroidered Luxury Dress

    Fabric: Net, Raw Silk
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Shiza Hassan Embroidered Net Jacquard Lehenga - Mushk

    Fabric: Net, Jacquard
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Ramsha Embroidered Chiffon 3 Piece Suit - F1906

    Fabric: Chiffon, Raw Silk, Net
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Maryum N Maria Embroidered Net 3 Piece Suit - MA10

    Fabric: Net
    Delivery Time: 7-12  Working Days

  • Asim Jofa Embroidered Organza 3 Piece Suit - AJF03

    Fabric: Organza
    Delivery Time: 7-12  Working Days

  • Maryams Embroidered Chiffon 3 Piece Suit - MG80

    Fabric: Chiffon, Raw Silk, Organza
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Iznik Sequins Embroidered Chiffon with Adda Work - IFN10

    Fabric: Chiffon, Net, Organza
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Charizma Embroidered Chiffon 3 Piece Suit - DJ07

    Fabric: Cotton, Organza, Silk Raw
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Nureh Embroidered Chiffon 4 Piece Suit - NL10

    Fabric: Chiffon, Raw Silk, Organza
    Delivery Time:
    7-12  Working Days

  • Emaan Adeel Embroidered Net 3 Piece Suit - 1304

    Fabric: Net, Organza, Raw Silk
    Delivery Time:
     7-12  Working Days

What Our Customers Say About Us

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Naghma Jabeen [Bradford, UK]

“ShadiDress.com has rapidly become my favourite place to order party and wedding dresses online. I can shop safe in the knowledge that the stitching and fabric will be top quality and true to the thorough online description.! ”

Its Asifa [Chicago, USA]

“One of my friends recommended me to place the order of bridal dress for my own wedding. It was very risky though but thanks to ShadiDress team. Ladies, you can’t imagine how professional and sincere these people are.”

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Malaika Yousuf [Sydney, Australia]

ShadiDress.com is absolutely AMAZING! I love this trustworthy online store because they offer beautiful, high-quality fabrics that I can’t find anywhere else. Plus their stitching is outstanding which makes the shopping experience fantastic!

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Why Pakistani Wedding Dresses in UK, USA, Canada & Australia are So Popular

Weddings are always a grand affair for everyone all around the world. Celebrated with utmost zeal, passion, and happiness, everyone gets excited for a family or a friend’s wedding. The one thing that women are most excited about at weddings is dresses. After all, you wouldn’t want the wedding to be dull right.

Close friends, family and relatives all strive and struggle to find the perfect Wedding outfits for all the functions; Mehndi, Dholki, Mayun, Barat, and finally Walima.

We Cover All Top Pakistani Fashion Designers

We bring you the best of the best Pakistani wedding clothes UK online from top-rated dress designers to get you all dolled up for the next wedding you attend in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, UAE, or any country in the world. From bright and cheery colors like yellow, pink, orange, green etc. for the mehndi and dholki functions to bold, beautiful and traditional red, black, golden, maroon for Barat and Walima. We have the complete range of Pakistani Wedding Dresses with price for you. Collections from the galleries of Maria B, Elan, Gul Ahmed, Imrozia, Jazmine, Asim Jofa, Baroque, Ramsha, Serene, Emaan Adeel, Alkaram and many other Pakistani designer dresses UK await you at our online store. For us, it’s not only about giving you the perfect wedding attire; it’s about building up your confidence and making you shine.

Famous Pakistani Wedding Dresses UK Styles

Ladies often ask us, what are the top Paki Wedding outfits styles? And our answer is always the same, that is “many”. We can cite some of the top Paki marriage outfits which are;

  • Wedding Lehenga
  • Wedding Sharara
  • Anarkali Suit
  • Long Frock with Churidar Pajama
  • Pishwas

and many more…..

Bridal Dresses

Immaculate designs, beautiful thread work, eye-catching embellishments, and a beautiful combination of colors is what Pakistani bridal dresses are all about. We sell all of this!

The most famous Paki Bridal clothes styles are:

  1. Heavily Embellished Bridal Maxi Dress
  2. Bridal Lehenga
  3. Angrakha with Pishwas
  4. Lehenga Pishwas
  5. Luxurious Bridal Anarkali
  6. Bridal Sharara / Gharara
  7. Intricately Embroidered Lehenga Kurti
  8. Traditional Lehenga Choli
  9. Lehenga Frock

Living in the UK it’s hard to find authentic and great quality bridal wear. But don’t worry because ShadiDress.com has got you covered here too. At your favorite website, you will find the most amazing collection of bridal outfits from top Paki clothing designers. Whatever you desire, we have it for you. So, go ahead and look outstanding on your big day with our latest and stunning wedding apparel.

Pakistani Wedding Clothes at Mehndi Event

Our designers are constantly working to create new styles for mehndi events that carry a modern touch along with preserving our traditional aura. We constantly upgrade Mehndi outfits styles like Mehendi Frocks, Lehenga Choli, Sharara / Gharara, Saree’s and giving them a modern touch by adding the look of the western skirt. Apart from this, Anarkali dresses, Maxi dresses, Gowns etc. are also the choice of many brides as they look extremely elegant while providing comfort all the while and we focus on all these as well.

Mehndi Clothes UK

Looking for the best Mehndi outfits in UK? Then you are absolutely in the right place. We have covered almost all the big cities in England. We have stitched hundreds of bridal dresses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, and many other cities. And the most honorable thing for us is our customers’ feedback which really makes us happy.

Party Outfits & Formals

Parties and social gatherings [just like weddings] are an inevitable part of our life. Clothes are once again an integral part of these unforgettable occasions. Our party and formal dresses are very famous among ladies across the globe. Here you will find almost all top Pakistani party dresses and formals. We sell only 100% authentic brands party & wedding dresses. Besides, party wear prices are very reasonable.

Some of the famous Eastern party wear brands that we are selling are:

  • Maria b Party Wear
  • Sana Safinaz Party clothes
  • Gul Ahmed Party Wear
  • Baroque Party Dresses

Pakistani Party Clothes UK

Again we mentioned UK, we know that there is a big Paki community living. There are many online Paki boutiques in UK but ladies we know how do you trust ShadiDress.com. We are growing very fast among many other online boutiques just because of your trust.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses UK

We have been providing Pakistani Wedding Dresses in UK for a long time and over the years it’s our customer’s trust that has helped us grow and made us successful. Providing top-quality Paki suits for every occasion has been our forte and we will continue to do so. Every time, we bring you the latest variety for different occasions and make your events memorable.

Pakistani Wedding Clothes USA

After successfully launching our products in the UK and being the most loved and popular online store, Shadi Dress has expanded its wings and landed to continue our operations in the USA. Providing high quality, authentic outfits in the USA to our esteemed customers, we aim to become the largest online boutique throughout the world. Shadi Dress has always taken care of its customer’s styling and dressing needs. From casual to formal wear, we have it all.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses in USA and all over the world are famous. With the charming blend of colors, the immaculate designs and the perfect combination of desi with a modern touch, these dresses are loved by everyone. Shadi Dress has you sorted for every event, especially if you’re looking for wedding dresses. We have in store classic, elegant, beautiful and mesmerizing designs from your favorite clothing designers.

We have a wide range of lehenga, Anarkali dresses, bridal and wedding wear maxis, and other styles of Pakistani wedding clothes just for you ladies in the USA. So whether you’re attending the wedding as a guest, relative or the bride itself, we have everything you need in a perfect wedding dress.

A wedding dress should be one that looks classic and chic with a dash of sophistication and fits like a dream accentuating your beauty and highlighting your bridal charm. With our custom stitching service, you can get your favorite dress made as you like so that you shine out on your special day.

Great quality, authentic products, affordable pricing most importantly timely delivery no matter where you are in USA; all of these is what makes Shadi Dress the first and foremost choice. So don’t wait anymore, fill up your shopping carts for the best collection of Pakistani Wedding Outfits in USA only from Shadi Dress.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Canada

Similarly, wedding events are also held with the same excitement and Hungama as they are held in Pakistan. For these functions, people search for the perfect Pakistani Wedding Dresses in Canada. Well, we have good news for all you out there. ShadiDress.com now presents the best of the best wedding outfits in Canada at their store from the galleries of top wedding designers in Pakistan.

Whether you’re a bride, relative, friend or attending the wedding as a guest, we have the perfect collection for you. Shimmering stones dazzled on canvases of chiffon, net velvet etc. and laced with beautiful embroidery and golden silver threadwork, we have just the right pieces for everyone.

Embracing the Asian culture, we provide you premium wedding collections that are decked with the styles and designs you love the most. Keeping up to the expectations of our fashion-forward community, we have the most unique wedding dresses that are contemporary yet give out traditional vibes.

You would ask now why to choose Shadi Dress for Pakistani Wedding Outfits in Canada. We are the most trusted Pakistani online boutique in UK and we aim to become the most trusted worldwide. Great quality fabric, affordable pricing, and impeccable designs are our introduction. We make sure that you get the wedding dresses of your dreams by providing you custom-stitching and fulfilling all styling needs. We have collections from top brands in Pakistan just within the reach of one click. So there is no need to visit stores and tire yourself when you have the best available within the comfort of your own home.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Dubai

Shadi Dress aims to light up your wedding events by providing lehenga’s, frocks, and other wedding attires. Whether you’re the mother, sister, friend, or any other relative or guest, you have come to the right place. We have for you designers known for making exquisite Pakistani wedding clothes in UAE including Dubai & Sharjah like Yatashi, Afrozeh etc.

Whether you’re a fan of chiffon, velvet or net wedding dresses, we have an amazing variety in all the fabrics you desire. Heavily embellished chiffon and net and beautiful threadwork and embroidered velvet and many other designs are available especially for our customers in Dubai.

Authentic and original dresses from top clothing designers make us different from other online boutiques. Our success in the UK was based on this one quality and has gained the trust of thousands of customers. We aim to launch and be successful in Dubai too by providing top wedding dresses from renowned fashion designers. From the comfort of your own home and getting them stitched as per your requirements, we provide you with the dresses exactly as you want them. Moreover, we have the latest Pakistani Wedding Dresses in Dubai on our website. We keep our closet up-to-date for you so you always look fashionable and trendy.

So ladies in Dubai, what are you waiting for? Head over to Shadi Dress and shop for the wedding dresses of your dreams. With fast delivery, affordable prices, and great packages, you’ve got yourself an offer that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Final Thoughts:

We have earned such prestige and admiration over the years. This is not as easy as it seems. Years of hard work and dedication has given us this reputation. Don’t waste your hard-earned money by buying Pakistani Wedding dresses in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany or Netherlands from a small start-up, shop here and you will never be disappointed.


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